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Cut and Paste

I just joined free I can't seem to locate the text required to cut and paste into my html document in order for it to require a password to gain access. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Cut and Paste

Log in.
Click web apps
Click Password protect
Click Get Code

(assuming that you have signed on for the service, if not, do.)

Re: Cut and Paste

assuming that you have signed on for the service,

Its a common mistake to create an account but not actually sign up for the apps that you want to use.

Also, as you seem to be using a Yahoo email you probably wouldn't get the confirmation message with the code. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL are all good at blocking automated messages, sometimes without even bothering to put them in your junk mail folder. Web app code (and support ticket responses) can always be retrieved on-line.

Re: Cut and Paste

That was easy. Thank you.