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Posting counter to Blogspot

I am having a hard time getting my counter to publish in Blogspot - I get an error each time - where do I copy and paste the code?

Re: Posting counter to Blogspot

Like any html document you paste the code at the point where you want it to appear.

Log in to Blogspot
click on the name of your blog to open the dashboard
click on the template icon
Scroll down to the Edit HTML box
Scroll down to the point in the BODY of the template where you want the counter to appear.
Paste your code

You need to understand some basic html.

My first guess is that you are pasting at the top of the template in the stylesheet rather than in the body.

Re: Posting counter to Blogspot

Your counter is at the bottom left of the front page, I visited twice and it went from 1 to 3 so it is working

Re: Posting counter to Blogspot

Thanks!! It took a bit and some googling to figure it out .. I was missing the step where I had to addan HTML widget to the template.