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Search App Copy/Paste Code help!

Hey there,
i have created a new Search engine using your Search app but when I copy the the code, i don't get the same search engine as I created. It becomes the default version instead of the edited one! What do to?

Re: Search App Copy/Paste Code help!

Did you notice the box that said:

"Changing these settings will only affect your search results page, not the search box that comes in your copy/paste code, you need to change that manually."

Re: Search App Copy/Paste Code help!

Oh ok... So you mean that I gotta change it manually? Then why do you allow to edit the service if we just gotta copy the tiny box and change it manually?

Re: Search App Copy/Paste Code help!

I take that to mean "No, I did not". As for your question, if you see any good reason why people should be denied editing that cannot be done manually, submit them to Bravenet.