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How to make a new .php page

I'm now working in Mozella Firefox having always used IE. How can I make a new .php page? I used to copy and paste an old one and rename it.

Re: How to make a new .php page

Are you asking in general about how to work with php, the browser bit just extra information in case we need it? Or are you having some particular problem doing what you used to do in an online editor after changing to Firefox? If so, what is the problem?

Maybe you should consider working offline and uploading the files?

Re: How to make a new .php page

Thanks for your reply. I suppose the answer is yes to both your questions - in general, how to make a .php and how different it all seems to be using Firefox instead of IE. Unfortunately, I cannot access Bravenet with IE any more. Yesterday, after much trying I did manage to do a 'Save As' on one page and made another page so perhaps that's the route to go.