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resizing photos????

Ok..has something changed in Bravenet just recently? I am unable to 'grab' a corner of a photo that I've inserted on a page in order to drag and resize it..
does anyone know what I can't now???
I did get a new computer.. do you think its a setting thats off??
any help would be greatly appreciated..
thanks :)

Re: resizing photos????

I don't know. I don't use an editor where you can even think of doing this. But I certainly hope they have taken away the option.

Images should never be "resized" online. Many pages are crippled, because the webmasters think they are really resizing. Instead they end up with image files that are way to large for the page (in download time), and that usually look worse. Graphics software is designed to resize images, our browsers make an effort given wrong width and height info (which is what you have been doing), but not nearly as well.