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Password Protect Service

Before I install the both codes of your Password Protect Service app I like to know the following:
(I am a real amateur on websites.)
1) installing this app does it mean when somebody wants to create a login name and password that I (as webmaster) should give him/her permission?
2) Where excact should I put in the first code.
I want that on my mainpage. Should I put it then in my index page?
3) And where exactly should I put in the second code on the pages I want to project.
In 2)and 3) I mean f.e. after head or after body?
4) I am just the webmaster (Amateur) but if question1) is answered with yes, is it then possible that somebody else (I will give then the email adres) can give the permission?
Tkvm for your answers

Re: Password Protect Service

1) No. You create the password and user name, and give these to him/her.
2) Yes. On your main page - index.html
3) As it says where you get the code: In the head section.

Re: Password Protect Service

tkvm for reply.
Last question is:
Can I change the emailadress to which people react when they want to make a login code/password and authorize the same person(of the new emailadres) to give permission.
Reason is that I am just making the site and I am not involved in giving permissions etc

tkvm in advance

Re: Password Protect Service

Possibly I either don't understand what you are saying, or my memory of how Password Protect works is faulty.

The email address one would contact to get a username and password should be - as I remember it - whatever address you post on the site for that purpose.

Or wait - do you have the pro version? Is there something in that version that automatically offers new visitors a way to contact admin?