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I have copy/pasted the Bravenet code to this website but nothing appears on screen, although I have a similar counter on another site which is working without any problems. Can anyone, Braveney included, hazard a guess as to why it is not working?

Re: Counter

Well, I have an idea as to why it isn't working, but I don't know how it got that way. What I suggest you do is this:

Look at the code on your page, and copy the line of the counter code that starts
language=.... into notepad.
Log on, go to the web apps and get the code again. Paste the same line into notepad below the other one.

I could tell you what the problem is, but someone just told me the edit message facility doesn't work. And when you are tired (like I am now), it is very easy to mess up when trying to add both codes and the codes that make codes appear in the forum instead of being code....

Did I make that clear? Probably not, I told you I was tired. But do what I said, and you'll spot it right away. Just look for the &s in the correct code.

This part was added by editing one minute later, so it seems it is working. (Well, if it doesn't nobody is going to read this).

Forgot to say: I don't know what happened, but it is probably the software you are using to create your page that is trying too hard to help you.