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forms problem

Why is it when I copy and paste the source code into my webpage there is so much space inserted before the form ?

Re: forms problem

Because that's how the page is coded. Without a link we can't say what needs to be changed

Re: forms problem

Okay...I was thinking about purchasing with Bravenet which I have been using for a while and never had these issues with the forms.

Horrible spacing issue. Is your answer above all to it or is there something that we should do on our end?

Re: forms problem

I'm having the same frustrating issue. Is there something in the form coding that I can change to reduce the large top margin. I can easily put text at the top of the page when I delete the form so I'm assuming it's a form coding problem.
My form is located at
Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: forms problem (Courtney? Please note)

That was fun. Haven't seen a real table-code mystery in a long time. Of course I assumed that the problem was something you did. But I was wrong.

Seems the problem is with the code you got from Bravenet. I tried getting code for a contact form myself, with the following result:

Notice the parts marked in red? They make absolutely no sense in the position they are. Your browser is trying to make sense of them, so they are all displayed at the top. Delete any BR that isn't inside a table cell, and your page should display normally.


Actually the last code marked is probably supposed to be there. It is inside a table cell.

Re: Ooops

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to look so closely at the code. I really appreciate it. Will give it a try as soon as I'm home from my day job. Thanks again!

Re: Ooops

Thanks again! Deleting some of those extra
tags helped to reduce the space between the form and the top of the page.

Re: forms problem (Courtney? Please note)


Wow. Thanks for pointing this out. We are looking into it.


Ooooops again!

Sorry about the spelling. (..ey)
My memory isn't what it used to be (I think... I don't really remember what it was like)