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Pasting Login Code into my webpage

I have gotten the Bravenet code to password protect one of my webpages. I have tried to paste it into the page in Dreamweaver just under the first head tag.
I uploaded it and the page works fine, but it is NOT password protected. I can view the page without the login!
Can anyone walk me through a little more detail on how to paste in the code? It must be something very small.
Any ideas???
Thank You!

Re: Pasting Login Code into my webpage

I didn't find the code on the page you referred us to, and it seems to be a business website. Password protecting a business website is kind of weird, unless you are selling something illegal.

Best guess without actually seeing the page: You are confusing the link code with the target code (or whatever they are called - if my guess is wrong, you'll understand which is which)