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Help With Code For A Forum

Okay, so I use Office Live from Microsoft as my template for creating a website. There are no options to create a forum through OL (that I can find at least) which is why I signed up for Bravenet. Of course I can't seem to get the code to work properly.

This is the actual code:

When I copy and paste it in the HTML section of OL, this is the message I get:

To make script tags using the "src" attribute work correctly when using the HTML module, defer="defer" has been added after the URL.

So, if I save it and look at my actual page, it's completely blank as if I didn't embed anything. Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Help With Code For A Forum

What you posted seems to be an emailaddress, not the URL of the page you are asking about. Searching for the email didn't help me find the site, so I'm not sure exactly what you expect us to do.

Re: Help With Code For A Forum

I've never used Office Live, but I suspect it is similar to Front Page in that the program will not accept "raw code" from sources other than Microsoft. You will need to go to the "help" menu to search "inserting code".