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Adding a photo album to my site

Is it possible for me to paste the remote access code for my photo album into the "CUSTOMIZE HTML" location of my html editor? If so, exactly where would I paste it? I'm using Mozilla fire fox as my browser this time.Things seem to work better here.

Re: Adding a photo album to my site

Depends what editor you are using, the apps are intended for any web site anywhere so there are a lot of possibilities about what you might be using.

You paste the code at the point on the page where you want the link to the app to appear.

If you are having problems with a particualr editor you do need to tell us what you are using.

Re: Adding a photo album to my site

Hi Peter, The html editor is the one that I found in my bravenet or is it bravesites builder. By the way, are they two different things? I know where I want the component to be placed when I'm viewing the website home page, but I don't know exactly where that is in the html editor. I don't know enough to risk it!

Re: Adding a photo album to my site

This page may help if you haven't looked at it already:

Re: Adding a photo album to my site

Thanks for your time and answers. A friend of mine has helped me by showing me how to make links clickable. And how to insert the bravenet photo album into my website.