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here is the code
Re: here is the code

Starting new threads all over the place instead of continuing the old one is usually a bad idea. Posting code in the forum instead of linking to a page on your site is also not a good idea. As you can see, it works perfectly here. The mistake on your site probably isn't the code itself. Perhaps you put it in the wrong place?

Re: here is the code

I don't know WHERE I should paste the code. I put it where you put the address of the current location You know, the http:// place. I'm guessing that's wrong? Where should I put it?

Re: here is the code

If that means what it sort of sounded like, when you do that, you don't use the entire code, just:

Re: here is the code

If I paste that number on the top, how do I get the photo album title to go where I want?

Re: here is the code

I suggest using the photo gallery feature built into BraveSites, it would be easier to manage and use if you are already using the BraveSites builder.

Click 'add to page'
Click 'image gallery'


Re: here is the code, Image Gallery limited?

I think I've already got the image gallery working on the right column of my home page, but that one only allows a few photos. I wanted to add an album that you can click on a photo and see it large, full screen large. I also want to have lots of photos, more than the image gallery allows. And this photo album that I used IS a bravenet item. When it says "paste to your html", where, exactly is that?
By the way...ignorance IS NOT bliss!