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Re: code for image links when images are in separate directory

I have a solution!

Thank you all for your input. It's great when we can help each other out - even if it doesn't always work.

What was going wrong was that my image files were saved as .JPG, but my links to the files were typed as .jpg. After submitting a support ticket, I discovered that the file types are case sensitive, so the links weren't finding the correct files. I have corrected this now, and everything is working fine.

I corrected the ./ re the directories, as well, and this has also helped tremendously.

Re: code for image links when images are in separate directory

Quote: johnyjohnson
Quote: johnyjohnson
you could try ..

click on quote to see the code.

This is looking to move up two directories.
IF you are in your web/root/ folder your tree should look something like this

your site
__ img
__ forms

If you are in the forms folder and want to access an img folder you type ./img
the . representing moving up one directory to the root then accessing the /img directory. If you were in the forms directory in a directory inside forms, it would need to go up 2 levels to get to the image and that would read as ../img

Hope this helps you understand how the directories work.