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Re: My counter does not work

I don't see the counter using Firefox and Windows 7. The code is there and I can't see an obvious issue with it.

Many years ago there was a regular problem with counters just stopping and the cure then was simply to delete the code and get fresh from your Bravenet account. This is still worth doing before trying anything else.

For me the issue isn't javascript blocking as I have checked javascript based functions on my own sites this morning.

Of course there may be more than one reason for blocking so the next thing is to check that your upgrade hasn't left you with javascript blocked in your browser. It is always worth testing in more than one browser. As a webmaster you should always have several installed for checking on problems.

More likely it is a firewall setting (I am running Kaspersky but have exceptions set for my own sites) which is blocking third party javascripts. If you can't find any obvious settings you will need to disable all security to check this. Don't forget to reset it all before you do any other browsing.

While it is easy to blame Bravenet it is most unlikely that the problem is at their end.

Re: My counter does not work

Thanks Peter. I checked my browser. It allows JavaScript. I shall reload Bravenet code as you suggested. I forgot how to do it. Can you send me instructions. Thanks a lot.