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Search box and .htaccess file

I am trying to edit a site that has been moved from shopify to bravenet and find the search site box doesn't work. It did before I move the site. Bravenet support said, "Currently you do not have an .htaccess file, or rewrite rules that dictate what to do with the /search?q=?

Without the rewrite rules, the system will think that it's a folder, not a file."

No code I have found on the internet works. I haven't need to with other sites I've made. Writing .htaccess files are beyond me. What can I do. Can anyone write the code I need for the site

Re: Search box and .htaccess file

What about skipping the rewrite rules and use something that should not require working with htaccess?

Re: Search box and .htaccess file

Thanks. I discovered Bravenet's search tool in a google search and did use it. :)