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YOUTUBE Videos in Bravenet Forums

Why do we have to use the bb code to post a YouTube video within a Bravenet Forum? It's such a hassle to get the link from YouTube and then grab the bb code and put those together to post all that inside the Bravenet Forum message area. After it's done yes it works but the video does not display nicely as it looks over on YouTube and it was a hassle doing it.

I tried posting a video inside a Bravenet Forum using YouTube's iframe Embed Code and it didn't work. Why?

That iframe embed code of YouTubes works in a lot of non Bravenet Forums throughout the internet why doesn't it work in Bravenet Forums???

Please fix the Bravenet Forum where we can embed the YouTube video using YouTubes iframe code so it can be easy and hassle free. Thank you.

Re: YOUTUBE Videos in Bravenet Forums

I Agree