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Search & Replace program or script

I created a website that contains nearly 100 pages of information about the American Civil War. I'm trying to update several small area of text found throughout the entire website. I'm looking for an online Search and Replace text program or script that I can integrate into my website.
Thank you!

Re: Search & Replace program or script

For on-line site search the easiest thing is to sign up with Google.

To seach and replace in your original code it depends on how you built your site and what hardware and software you have available. Unless you have locked yourself into an on-line editor you would normally do the whole thing with an off-line copy of the site using the file and text management functions that came as standard with your computer. Then upload the chnaged files.

I suspect that there is a specific issue that you haven't mentioned. Are you trying to do this on a work or college computer where you have no control over the software available?

Re: Search & Replace program or script

Get Editpad. (inexpensive at - free at
Open all the html files in Editpad at the same time.
Check the box that says "All open documents"
You can then replace any text in all the documents.

Unless you have chosen some program or editor that prevents you from doing things the easy way.

Re: Search & Replace program or script

Corwings, I think that is a desktop application. As my post said I want to find a text search and replace script or program that searches through my files which reside on the servers of my hosting service