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edit calendar html

I created a Bravenet calendar in Bravesites. Placed it on my website page in an iframe. All is good, except in the calendar there is a line of html code I want to delete... the link to the home page (top left) that is not needed and just brings up the home page in the iframe (undesirable). Although I can view the source and found the html line item, I cannot find where the html editor is to use to delete that line of code in the calendar. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Re: edit calendar html

You do not have access to the code for any Bravenet service you can only maintain them through the utilities provided.

Go back to the list of web tools, select the calender service, under Maintenance Options click on General Settings then delete home page URL that you entered when you set up the service.

Re: edit calendar html

Bummer. Did that. Thanks, Peter.