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Trying to change music on a page.

I went in under my file manager to "edit" a page in our church website. I wanted to change out the song that SHOULD play automatically. When I go from text editor (save changes) to visual editor it plays correctly. However, once I exit all of that (yes, I saved my changes). Then anyone who pulls up the site are still hearing the old music. WHY? All I did was take the link to one song out...put in the link to the other song. But when I then click on our website name, I still hear the old song playing. Why can I not get the new one to play while the page is showing?

Re: Trying to change music on a page.

Assuming that, when you check your sites code, it has the correct file listed as the one that should be displaying, indicating that the changes WERE saved properly, then this issue is almost certainly just a client-side browser or caching issue.

You should try clearing your browser cache / temporary internet files, restart, and try again, which should hopefully force your browser to download and play the correct version of the file.