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access the Databse

Hi guys, i designed someone a website and he sent me his logins to the database. . but the link doesnt work. whats the direct link to the Mysql setion i can use. i believe it has to be a standard link which is always used. am new to bravenet. have always been using Cpanel, cpanel wic is abit different from bravenet

Re: access the Databse

I have never used that particular service but it would be unusual for the Bravehost name to be used in that format. I would suggest:

1. try substituting bravenet for bravehost
2. raise a support ticket

Re: access the Databse

Do note that the MySQL servers we host can only be accessed or communicated with -- whether manually or by any script -- from within our network, as we do not allow external connections due to severe security concerns. The MySQL databases can only be used from within the account or by websites within the account.