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Tonight I see many text links in forum & on my pro site..why??

Greetings. I visited a page of mine and saw some of my words turned into text links that I did not code! I will change my password of course, but am also very surprised to find many words here at Bravenet's site, (example: the word "Email:" on the form here that I'm filling out in order to post this. Has there been a hack? Again, will change my own password, and remove as many text-links from my pages as I can. Sincere thanks for any insight into this unexpected event.

Re: Tonight I see many text links in forum & on my pro site..why??

Interesting...I am not seeing the text-links in my IE browser, only with Mozilla/Firefox browser. Will try Chrome next and do full scan. Is anybody
else noticing this today/recently, with their Mozilla/Firefox? Random words
are text-links with a hash-tag after the original URL. I tried refreshing a page
and the text-link words changed. Have had the best of security and never an
experience such as this before. Glad to see it's not with IE at least.

Re: Tonight I see many text links in forum & on my pro site..why??

I see the cursor change when I mouseover "notify me by email" when posting this but a click just puts a tick in the checkbox. I can't see the problem as described with Firefox 26.

This sounds like adware and is used extensively on some sites. If its only on Firefox then check what plugins you have running, something funded with some adware would be my first guess. Malware on your machine would be my second.

Thinking about what browsers to check, with the increasing use of smartphones and notepads IE accounts for less than a quarter of visits on my site now. Safari, IE, Chrome and Firefox are the most important in descending order.

Re: Tonight I see many text links in forum & on my pro site..why??

Thank you for reply Peter. I will follow your suggestions. Never thought about the plug-in possibility. Will also get a full scan, etc. done on my machine today. Will also try the Firefox browser on my fiancé's machine to see how things look with that.

Yes, checking my own site stats, & being an IE user until a few years ago, I was very surprised to watch IE visitors become far outnumbered by other browsers.

Thank you again for your help, and all of your replies here at the forum. I'll post back when I find something specific.

Re: Tonight I see many text links in forum & on my pro site..why??

Resolved! Thank you again greatly Peter. It was an extension named "GreatArcadeHits". I now know to check things like this if I ever download any utilities. After disabling & Googling, I did a removal via add/remove programs, and no more problems. Google brought up results that described perfectly the random contextual ads displaying on websites. It was installed on Jan. 4, which is the same day that i downloaded a popular FTP utility from a previously historically safe place for 'free' & trial downloads of name brand & current software(s). It must have been bundled with & 'snuck' in there without my noticing or doing a custom install.
Thanks again....