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PHP Mail form not working

I am using a xml file that calls a php mail script, everything appears as if it is working on the front end, however, I never receive the email submitted. I have checked and double checked things, and still can't get it to work. I have even went as far as CHMOD the files to 777. still nothing. below is the XML call and also the PHP script. I would greatly appreciate any light that could be shed on this issue.

---------XML call ---------

< ? xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
< data>
< title>Investment Opportunities< /title>
< request>email.php< /request>
< photos url_path="images/" link="">
< image pic="img1.jpg" />
< /photos>
< description>< ! [CDATA[< TEXTFORMAT LEADING="2">some text goes here.< /TEXTFORMAT>]]>< /description>
< /data>

---------PHP SCRIPT---------

< ?php
$mes2="YOUR NAME: $namen
E-MAIL: $emailn
PHONE: $phonen
SUBJECT: $subjectn
MESSAGE: $mesn";

of course the email reference in the php is MY real email, I just changed it on this post for public reference.

thanks again in advance!

Re: PHP Mail form not working

I can't help on debugging XML or PHP but, with a lot of experience of tracing faults in code that I don't really understand, a few things come to mind here:

1. Have your got the destination address right (its amazing how easy it is to miss a simple typo on multiple readings). Try switching off all spam filters.

2. you have relative addresses in your XML. Are you running the XML from the same location as the PHP? Are the paths correct in the code?

3. create a static html page to call the email script. This will show if the problem is in the XML or the PHP.

Re: PHP Mail form not working

Great advice Peter thank you for the input...

I have been making progress with the issue, still don't have it fully resolved but, here is what I was able to determine through trial and error...

The error log for my site has become my new best friend, it's allowed me to pinpoint where issues are originating from and that allowed me to back trace...

The path to php does not need to be the full path, although the full path withOUT http:// did work, it would trigger errors in the return data. I resolved that just the relative path did work.

I am able to call the xml and swf via an html page and I have 100% success with it working, however when it's called from with another xml, via swf it failed.... (which is the basis of my main site)

I am generating an error, so it's just a matter of tracking this bug down further... It's rather hard to concentrate with a 3 year old in the house :) When I get the bug worked out, I'll post another reply with a full break down of who what why when how, so that if someone else is searching, this thread might can help...