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MySQL version

What version of MySQL and PHP are you running?
This new website of yours is not very user friendly. It is not very intuitive and it take a lot more clicks to find things.

Re: MySQL version

The hosting comparison chart gives the answer for PHP.

NB your question is only relevant if you purchase the Bravehost FTP hosting package, if you have signed up for the Bravesites service then you can only use the on-line editor provided and the background software is not visible.

Re: MySQL version

I'm trying to run a Joomla web site and Forms Builder software. They require MySQL version 5.3 or higher. They work on my Localhost but when I upload them to my Bravenet server they have a lot of problems. What version of MySQL is Bravenet using?

Re: MySQL version

I hope that you have already received this information through a support ticket. It appears that this question is quite old.

We currently only support Joomla 2.5.X.

We are running MySQL 5.0.95. We only use a longterm supported version of MySQL5, where security fixes are backported. We do plan to upgrade our MySQL servers but there is no ETA on this being completed, it may be later this year.