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RTMP and also SSH

Hi everyone I have been trying many ways to protected my audio or musics on my site but now I was making some research on how to protect them.

Do i have access to SSH if yes where and how am i able to use RTMP on ?
Please need response as soon as possible.

Re: RTMP and also SSH

Bravehost FTP hosting or Bravesites?

There are big differences between the two hosting plans.

Re: RTMP and also SSH

Hi Peter I have a premium ftp hosts with
My question is weather I have ablity to install app or not.
In short, I am trying to use trmp and ssh to secure audios on my site.
Again is supports "rtmp or ssh" local access to my server ?

Re: RTMP and also SSH


Unfortunately we do not support RTMP or SSH.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Re: RTMP and also SSH