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link to specific area on second page

I understanding linking one page to another, however I am having trouble understanding the order or writing of the code to link not only to the second page but to a specific area on the page.

I am trying to link Skin Care on my first page to my 2 page "Products" right at the skin care title on the 2nd page. Im not sure if the codes go before or after the text you are trying to link. Please help. I have scanned the forum and read the html notes.

This is the code I used to link the original two pages.

Thank you

Re: link to specific area on second page

Look at this page
The "diary" link goes to the top of the diary page, the "stop press" goes to a point part way down on the same page which has been named "end".

The link has the format:
< a href="diary.html#end" >Stop Press< /a >

At the point where the link goes to there is an anchor tag:
< a name="end" >< /a >