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Sitemap Creation & Submission.

Can someone advise me how to locate the domain root folder for my website. As trying to create a sitemap at and upload it into the domain root folder of my site. But unable to do so. Can someone please tell also if there is a way in which, i may create a sitemap and submit it to the various search engines. I am not a techie and seeking the easiest method.

Re: Sitemap Creation & Submission.

I am assuming that your site is in a hosting account with FTP access (eg Bravehost NOT Bravesites)

Its the folder that your site's home page is in. Get yourself a free FTP programme such as Filezilla which will show you your site's structure.

To create a site map you can use a tool that crawls your website, as, I assume, the one you are trying to use does, or you can create it manually in a text editor such as Notepad. You don't need any XML skill to do it manually, I did it copying the layout given by Google.

Once the site map is uploaded you go through the registration process with the various search engines. The site map stays on your site, you don't physically submit it.