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Membership Site

Help Please, Please, Please

I need to make my site a membership site with 2 (maybe 3) levels of payment. Can I do this with Bravesites pro? I do not have pro yet because I am not sure if it will do what I need it to do. If it does...I go pro.

Next question - Do I need wordpress to do this.....To tell you the truth I am just at a loss.

Next question - is there anyone who could work this magic for me. I can do the site - I just need someone who can turn it into a membership site.

Re: Membership Site

Not with Bravesites, you would need FTP access. You would have to start from scratch on Bravehost.

No idea about Wordpress. It is primarily a blogging tool but it is possible that it could be (ab)used in the way that you want.

Re: Membership Site

Thanks for the reply.

DESPERATELY looking for anyone who can help me out with this. Steve from Support seems to be know a lot about this - anyone know how I can contact him.

Note: The website has been built on bravesites platform - I need someone to help me turn it into a membership site.