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loading off center

I have the Themes Web Site Template and all pages are loading left. The Source in all docs indicates the coding has it as center but it is not doing that for any of the three subdomains I have with this theme. I find a Y point of measurement but no X in any of the coding. I have terms used such as float and loose which makes it more difficult to determine how to fix one problem without creating others. Please help me if you know where and what to place in the code to resolve this consistent problem.

Re: loading off center

I see you are using our website wizard building, unfortunately a lot of the templates are coded to the left while using the builder. There is not much you can do about it.

You can edit the CSS/HTML (if you know how) in your file manager to change it to the centre of the page but you will not be able to publish using the website wizard again without losing any of the changes you make in the file manager.


Re: loading off center

Thank You. I have considered that option along with the timing of making the final change. I will try that and post my resolution for future use.