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New look, same limitations?

I was hoping the new forums would be a bit more advanced but I still can't register/login (meaning I have to fill in name, email, and website every time) and there still isn't an rss feed (either for new posts or new threads).

Please tell me it's easier to post code without it being interpreted? And that I can turn smilies off so code isn't dotted with little yellow faces where there should be a colon followed by a character?

I enjoy posting here and helping out where I can, but considering it's a coding forum, you don't make it easy.

Re: New look, same limitations?

You can post your code in a code box with the bb code.


<a href="link.html">code here</a>


Re: New look, same limitations?

Okay, I'll admit it deals with the html a lot better than the previous forum, but things like on click code gets trashed


<a href="" ="blah">example</a>

Sorry if I sound negative, I don't mean to be.

Re: New look, same limitations?


This is the exact same form we used before just in a different format. This is the same forum Bravenet offers to our members.

I am not sure why it is striping out .

I do know some functionally is limited to prevent people from spamming and forcing malicious downloads on users.


Re: New look, same limitations?

a couple suggestions first please and i mean please if you can edit the file where the posts for the forum are being posted to add


please use html_special_chars if you dont i dont even know why you have bbcode except for the code one because you could just get the same effect and more by using html on the page and it would be so easy to do sql injection here

my seconed suggestion is with the thing where you fill in the information to be able to post you have the borders for the forms so bright that they almosed match the white background like on a computer at my school they did match in with the white background and i couldn't see where to fill in the information

my last suggestion is make it so people have to register because with your crapy system to where people fill in the information about themselves all i would have to do is make a simple pearl script that fills in all the information for me and have it read the captcha to and your captcha is predictable and just run the pearl script with my cmd and have it spam houndreds of posts untill your website crashes
and what i mean by the register system is when someone starts a new topic have t to where they have to wait 5 minutes before they can make a nerw one and when they reply to where they cant do more then 5 replies in 5 minutes