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Mobile Friendly Page

I have one page that is not showing up right on my smartphone.
The website is, and the page is "How To Go To Heaven."
Everything on the page is shifted right.
Is there a way to make it look right?

Also the flash file does not show on the smartphone.
How do I get it to show?

Re: Mobile Friendly Page

Unfortunately, on most smartphone devices, flash has been either removed outright (as is the case with Apple devices) or it is disabled by default.

Re: Mobile Friendly Page

We had a similar situation in which the desktop resposive version was not working out for many pages on

So we took a big decision to move to Wordpress and use WPTouch plugin to create the mobile friendly version of our website. The premium version allows one to use multiple templates to match your website template.

You should also check the Google mobile friendly test tool at to check if Google considers your webpage good for mobile users after you are done with your changes.

Hope this helps!!