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I am soooo confused. . .

I registered a domain name, then paid for hosting on Bravenet. . . now, whenever I try to build a site, I am told I have not registered a domain!! Very strange. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Re: I am soooo confused. . .

You have successfully uploaded a plain blue page created with WebPlus.

If you are still having a problem you need to tell us EXACTLY what you are trying to do.

Re: I am soooo confused. . .

I too I am having a serious problem withthe entire bravenet service. I bought a domain name and hosting package yesterday and still cant develope my own page

Re: I am soooo confused. . .

Bravenet offer two hosting packages Bravehost and Bravesites. As you haven't given us any details I can only guess that you registered to use one of them and are trying to build a site using the other.