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Responsive Website

1. I am trying to create a responsive website design at

2. When I add links to the horizontal nav bar along the top of the page, it looks fine on my 1920 px screeen.

3. When I resize it to the width of a phone, all of the links re-align vertically, so the user does not have to pan from side-to-side.

4. Problem: When the links re-align in such a way, depending on how many there are, it covers up large portions of my content below it.

5. This same problem occurs when the content is located outside of a container, insider of a container, or inside of a container-fluid.

6. Can you share how to get this content to stack so that it can all be seen when it re-aligns?

7. Thank you for your help.


Re: Responsive Website

I read a good article on this topic. here is the link

Re: Responsive Website

Good topic! I wanna share also with article Responsive web design VS adaplive web design -