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Guestbook formatting

I made a FREE guestbook for my memorial site in Blogger, and I am trying to figure out how to center the guestbook on the page, and auto size the width of it so that it adjusts to the screen it's viewed on (mobile and desktop).

Anyone know how and where to do this?
Do I do it in the HTML part of the Guestbook? Or will I have to do it in Blogger?

Re: Guestbook formatting

If you are using an embedded guestbook then the positioning is done entirely in blogger. A linked guest book will centre automatically.

I have tested a linked guestbook by scaling it on my laptop and it appears scale for screens down to a small tablet but not for a phone. An embedded guestbook would be a more complex issue as the page in which it is embedded will also affect things. The answer would be to create a dummy page using whatever code you will use for the published site to make it adjust and try it with your own phone.

There are a number of screen emulators available on the web but they don't always reflect reality. Some coding structures may get different responses in Android and Chrome browsers.

Sadly the mobile market has pushed standardisation in the web back by at least 5 years and it is again necessary to understand a little of the underlying code.

Re: Guestbook formatting

I have made a dedicated Guestbook page in blogger, then I embedded the HTML of my Bravenet guestbook on that page.
I figured out that if I add center tags before and after the embeded Bravenet Guestbook code then the whole thing centers on my page. Yay! I added that in the HTML section of the page in Blogger.

I don't know if I can figure out how to autosize the width of it to look better on the mobile version...