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Hi, My favicon does not show up when using the Google Chrome Browser. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.


Re: Favicon

I suspect that there is something "wrong" with the underlying .ico file. I have done some reading around the web and it seems that Chrome expects everything to be 100% while Firefox and IE are a lot more forgiving.

I compared your icon with Bravenet's and the underlying format is different but I don't have the time to research in more detail. I would suggest going back to your original image and remaking the .ico file from scratch.

Re: Favicon

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your help. I had searched the internet also, and I too ran across someone saying that Google Chrome required everything be 100%. The example they gave was that they realized they had to put the "www." in the source code. I tried that and it didn't work.

I took your advice and made a new ico. I did not think this would work, as I have several websites and none of the favicons from those websites are working in Chrome.

But, I made a new one, and I uploaded it, and it is now working (the new one) as the other one, in all other browsers except Chrome.

I will now check the source code for Bravenet's favicon, change mine to mirror there's and see where I get with this.


Re: Favicon

I have changed my code for my favicon to read exactly like Bravenet's favicon. It does not work in Chrome, still, but does continue to work in the other browsers. This is an image I made myself. I then converted it from jpg to ico using

Any other suggestions would be great.

Thank you,

Re: Favicon

I have changed my favicon code again. This time to mirror that of, which is the site I used to convert my jpg into an ico. I still have the same results (not working in Chrome only.)

Re: Favicon

I read on another help site where someone was asking why their favicon would not show up in Chrome. A response was that they needed to convert their image to ico at the following site, so that it would be compatible across all browsers:

So, I did this, and by doing so, I got a really cool favicon that is animated and turns like a cube, but it still does not show up in Chrome.

The answer must be a really B I G SECRET!