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email form confirmation redirect

I am using one of the available bravenet php forms for an email contact form. It has been a long time since I set this up so I cant remember what I did. Note I am not an expert at this.
The problem now is that I have two domains. I created the new site and used the contact form. However, when I tested it to make sure it works, it directed me to my email confirmation page for the OTHER domain. It is critical that these two domains are not associated with each other as far as the general public goes.
1. How do I create a confirmation page specific for each domain?
2. If this is not possible, how do I get rid of the confirmation page all together?

Thanks in advance for the help

Re: email form confirmation redirect

I doubt if there are many regulars who have used that function. If you have php support then you have access to the support ticket system and you would be advised to enquire there as the Bravenet techs will know how your account is set up.