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How to make a embed flash a link

I uploaded a SWF file in flash but now I need to make it a link. I understand text content you can make the text or image a link but can not figure out how to make a flash a link. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

Re: How to make a embed flash a link

I haven't looked into this in detail but I experimented with a short flash animation a few years ago and the page still seems to be on line.

View source of this page to see how I did it. The code was provided by the company that provided the on-line software to create the animation.

Re: How to make a embed flash a link

I had the same problem, and then I found this thread, but ended up creating my own solution.

I added transparent element to the link, then made it overlap the embeded swf file. In return i want to ask you why can't my windows 10 play dvd files. I tried a software named windows 10 cannot play dvd to play it while it charge for around 20 dollars. Do you have any similar software to help me play dvds on windows 10?