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Help with templates

I designed my website many years ago using Front Page copyright 2002. That's how old.
I have tried downloading Bravenet's templates to open and edit in Front Page and it doesn't work.
If I try to open the template it will open in Internet Explorer and my screen blinks frantically and then I have to shut down the computer.
If I try to save the zip file, it saves but then again I cannot open it.
How do I download a template and get it all up in tact in Front Page.
If anyone can recommend a free software program to build my site let me know, preferribly with WYSIWYG like Front Page.

Re: Help with templates

Front Page is history, Microsoft stoppedmaintaining it a decade ago.

I still use Nvu from time to time although this is no longer maintained. You could try KompoZer or Sea Monkey. Once a page is created I usually make changes directly to the underlying code in Notepad.