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Newcomers cannot scroll down to site material

I just gave a friend my site URL and received an e-mail to the effect that they could only access the site emblem (trees). Apparently the "down scroll" did not appear or they did not notice it. I need some kind of notice for newcomers to move their cursor to the right edge of the theme in order to bring up the "up-down" scroll mechanism. This notice needs to be within the "Theme" borders as a notice cannot be seen further down in the page.
Am unable to add this note myself. Help !! Thank you.

Re: Newcomers cannot scroll down to site material

The scroll bar is a function of the visitor's browser not of the website, some touch screen devices don't have them at all.

The problem is that all the text on the page is in a colour so close to the background that it will be invisible in many browsers, it is on mine.This means that for many people it will not be obvious that there is something to scroll down to,

Re: Newcomers cannot scroll down to site material

They probably didn't notice the scrollbar. Normally one would look for at scrollbar when text disappears below the screen. However, in the four browsers I tried, you seem to be using white text on white background, so there is NOTHING below the trees. Well, except for your email, which is in a different color.