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crazy loading problems

One reason I have never upgraded and most like won't is that I have more trouble trying to load up a bravenet page than any other place on the net!
I can not even get through an image upload w/o the thing spooling forever and stalling and then possibly never ever uploading it.

Each little change I try to make may or may not "take" and I have to close the window and try to log in again just to get anywhere...

Using latest or current FFx browser and everything on this end is up to date.
I just can't understand why this ONE PARTICULAR PLACE has been next to impossible for me to get up and running/ publishable!!

Any ideas?

If not, I'll just go off and leave it for another year until they obliterate it! It isn't worth the hassle to me.

Re: crazy loading problems

You did not say anything about the size of the images you have trouble uploading. Is it possible you think you can take images straight from your camera to the page?

Re: crazy loading problems

Perhaps if you also gave the URL of your site then someone could look at it

Re: crazy loading problems

Remember that even if you have a high speed connection the bulk of that speed is dedicated to downloading. Only a tiny fraction is given to you for uploads.

If you have your camera set on a high quality setting your files will be big enough to print a small poster and will take a long time to upload even if the connection doesn't time out. For a web site use a free photo editor like Irfanview to resize the files to around 50 kilobytes from the 2000 plus that your camera probably might them as.