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How to change background color???

Once I've selected a template and background color and published it, what are the steps to changing the color ONLY?

thank you

Re: How to change background color???

How you change it depends on what site building software you are using.

I could tell you to click on the format menu and select "site colors and background" as that is how you do it in my site builder but there are hundreds of programs out there which are all different and even three different on-line editors at Bravenet.

Re: How to change background color???

I did this, this morning. I entered a hex code .
Here is how I coded:
1.)Go to file manager
2.) Select the page you want to change. Mine was :brainy_web_site_07_033.htm
3.) click on Text Editor
4.) At the top you should see:

Name you gave this page

Do NOT change ANY of the coding above. Next you should see a
(the #ffffff is a hex code and this determines color, so the body text is white because #ffffff is the code for white, and the background color is #000000 which codes for black)

So you have bgcolor is the background color. Look up hex codes on the net and find the color you want the background to be and enter the hex code using # plus the 6 numbers that code for the color you want.

You should now have something that looks like this:

Be sure that all your html is closed; That is to say at the bottom of the page there should be :
with body after the slash and before >

To add html open to close But remember when using html the first that you open is the last you close. Look at the top of your html page. The first you see is and the last at the very bottom is

Write down the code you start with, or copy paste and print. Then edit, SAVE and do a visual editor to see how it looks. If you don't like it replace the html you changed with what was there initially.

Sorry but my examples are not allowed in a post. I hope there is enough info to help.