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changing theme

I am in desperate need of some advice (other than don't touch things!) I was looking to possibly change the theme of my website, so when I was nosing around last night to LOOK at new themes I clicked on use this theme and it replaced my "old" theme on the spot! NOT what I was looking to do. All my files are the same as they were in the file manager area but I cannot get it to publish my old stuff out there... I would really like my old "format" back...does anyone know how to resolve my issue. Lesson learned...hands off, if it ain't broken don't touch it! Thanks for any guidance. Marcy

Re: changing theme

I tried that with my test site and just reinstalled the old theme from the edit theme menu. I didn't notice any content lost but its a very simple site and I hadn't logged out in the mean time.

I am assuming of course that you are talking about Bravesites even though you have posted in a forum intended for issues that aren't specific to Bravenet products.

Re: changing theme

Thank you, however I cannot find my old theme in the edit menu! The only thing that comes up is the "new" theme with the option to reinstall! So frustrating.

Re: changing theme

I did finally find the spot that I believe you are speaking of and clicked the reinstall button, however, it only reinstalled the theme that I'm trying to get rid of!