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Dreamweaver question

I have a border around the plaques that are on this page, and in the code, I'm calling out
bordercolorlight="#734526" and bordercolordark="#5B2D0F"

But the border is showing as grey. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong, or how I can fix this?


Re: Dreamweaver question

#5B2DOF is Brownish
#000000 is Black

Re: Dreamweaver question

Correct - the two colors I am trying to call out are brownish shades. But my web view keeps showing those colors as grey. I'm asking if anyone can help me make the brownish colors show (perhaps I have some misplaced code)? Any help is appreciated.

Re: Dreamweaver question

Those attributes don't work, I would guess that they are deprecated.

bordercolor itself seems to work still, set the darker colour.

Re: Dreamweaver question

Just to add, I tested that by handcoding a table in a new file using Notepad.
I haven't looked into CSS alternatives or setting a DOCTYPE (the page in question doesn't have one set).

Your page contains a mix of CSS and deprecated tags. You may want to consider upgrading your editor as I believe that the latest browsers are actually ceasing to support older versions of html.