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Creating custom site

I've been racking my brain trying to figure how to create a template I can use on my site. I've read and re-read the section on Theme Documentation but have gotten no where.

I'm using Dreamweaver and not an expert in HTML nor CSS but really need some help as I've tried uploading only for the theme to be warped and the columns aren't there. Do I add columns?

The themes available are not "100's" as mentioned and they don't seem to have ability to customize areas as needed. The heading is huge, the side column huge not even font customization capable. I'm starting to question why i even bought the service.

Any help would be appreciated for any of you who have created their page from Dreamweaver.


Re: Creating custom site

Dreamweaver user or not - I doubt anyone will be able to help without an URL so we can see how you have "warped the pages.

Re: Creating custom site

Are you trying to use Bravesites or Bravehost? The answers are different depending on which of the two hosting options you are using.

Re: Creating custom site

Hope I can piggy back off user question. What is the difference with
bravehost and brave site.

I'm wanting to create site for new client- I started it in free brave site and did the upgrade. Now I am completely lost. To give them access to maintain some of their site, should I be using Bravehost and start over. I'm nervous as I think this may be too complex for me. I've done a few sites, but everything was accessible from cpanel

thanks and If i'm in the wrong forum -- sorry

Re: Creating custom site

Bravehost is classic web hosting - you build your site with a tool like Dreamweaver and upload it with FTP. There are on-line editing tools available but Bravenet isn't keeping those up to date.

Bravesites is a proprietory content management system that is edited through Bravenet's on-line interface.

If you want to move hosts a Bravehost site can be downloaded and uploaded to another hosting company. With Bravesites you are locked in, if you want to move you need to rebuild your site from scratch.

Re: Creating custom site

Thank you so much for the info.

Re: Creating custom site


Sorry for the late reply on your question. I have both but using Bravesites for the site. I wasn't able to figure how to do the site through Dreamweaver as I think the current options are very limited.

I transferred the domain from directnic to Bravehost, but again very limiting. I'm running a blog and seems that whatever we try to do it's limiting. We can't figure out how to do things that are more visually appealing. We can't add audio or video to the posts, nor is the site looking good on mobiles. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Creating custom site

Bravesites is intended to be maintained ONLY through their online editor.

Bravehost is standard FTP hosting but they don't support every possible piece of server side software, but short of leasing a server and managing it yourself I doubt if you will find anybody who does.

Without knowing what software you need to run your blog its impossible to say where the problems may lie.

Re: Creating custom site

Thanks everyone. I've moved on to another service. Meets my design expectations. User friendly

Re: Creating custom site

Ajay can you tell me where you moved to? I'm pretty sick of this shiz and the site is totally off when it comes to mobile. makes it look cheaper than it already is. For a service we paid for doesn't seem anyone really wants to help. Just shaaaashing into the account and f ur customer right bravehost/site/app/asses? WTF? It doesn't take three days to answer a question. Annoying as sh i t

I want my content saved and my money back. This sucks.