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No return to index

I have nav buttons on ea of my 64 web pages. Each page has Prev, Home, Next and all work except the Home button returns an error msg "webpage cannot be found". The code for the Home button is written exactly like the Previous and Next buttons. All pages are referenced by numbers (i.e. 218Ver_4_002.htm) including the index page initially. I changed the index page title to "index.htm" thinking the "001" was the problem, it still did not work so I changed the "index.htm" to "index.html" but it still does not return the user to the index page.

Also there are html files for error codes, 401_auth_failed, 403_forbidden.html, 404_ not_found.html and 500_server_error.html in my directory. I don't think they were ever there before. Do I need these files in the directory, seems to me they normally would reside on the server.

Re: No return to index

I reached your site by putting into the browser so it should work as a link.

There are a couple of possible typos. You need either (absolute address) in full or just index.html (relative address)

If you have used a relative address with the http// then you will get an error as it will be interpreted as a full domain name.

It sounds like you have downloaded everything to your PC. You can just ignore the error code files or you can create your own custom error messages.

Re: No return to index

The code for the home link still says 218ver_4_001.htm.
You cannot just change the name of your home page without editing the links.

Re: No return to index

I was assuming that he had changed the link but hadn't uploaded the "corrected" page as it still didn't work. Re-reading the OP I suppose it could be read either way.

Re: No return to index

Corwings and Peter,
In the past I always used the relative address and was trying to do that with this latest upload; however, I'm in the process of editing each page with the complete address (url). Not too difficult with cut and paste, just a little time consuming, but I've already completed about 1/3 of the website this evening. When that's done I may try creating my personal error pages.
Thanks both of you for your input.