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Web builder Redirect Loop

I have a dead line to meet to finish this new website that I am currently building. No matter, which computer I use, when I click on the Web builder tab, it says its a redirect loop. Ive tried 3 different computers and different browsers and nothing has helped. I have also cleared my cookies and tried again. It is very frustrating and Im starting to regret ever using Bravenet....PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY

Thank you

Re: Web builder Redirect Loop

Which web builder? There are different utilities for the Bravehost and Bravesites hosting options.

NB you would be better posting this in the forum for the hosting package that you are using as those get checked by Bravenet staff. This forum is intended for generic questions that are not specific to the Bravenet product range.

Re: Web builder Redirect Loop

Hi Eric,

I apologize, we have fixed the issue and you should now be able to edit.


Re: Web builder Redirect Loop

Thanks Courtnie. Its working now. I really appreciate the quick response and help. I guess im staying with bravenet after all!!!

Re: Web builder Redirect Loop