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Can't make new pages

So, I was working on my website, and I made a few pages, (not realizing I had that small of a limit) and decided I'd rather add a different TYPE of page, so I deleted the old page, and when I went to create the more desired page it continued to tell me I'd reached my maximum page size! So I deleted another, and it STILL says I can't add anymore pages. I don't think that's right, to not be allowed to change your website pages. I suppose I could have gone in and just deleted the items in the pages, but I figured it would be easier to just delete and start brand new. There was no warnings before I deleted the posts, or anything. I hope that it's just a glitch, because I'm down to only 4 pages, and that just isn't going to work for me and what I need.
The website name is (however the domain hasn't been configured yet it seems)

I hope that someone here can maybe tell me how to fix this!

Re: Can't make new pages

What software are you using to create your site?
Bravenet has separate on-line editors for Bravehost and Bravesites and Bravehost customers are able to use any of the hundreds of third party editors available.

And thats just assuming that your site is hosted at Bravenet.

Re: Can't make new pages

I'm simply using the bravenet web builder that is available for use as I didn't want to take the time to learn how to do it the other ways available. I just did the visual site builder. I bought my one year domain for 8.95 and I don't know how to get my pages back. It wouldn't be logical to get 5 or however many pages for your site and if you accidentally deleted them to now only get 4 pages without having to upgrade.

I very happy with the site builder and all the features I am currently paying for. But I want my two pages back that I deleted.

Re: Can't make new pages

Hi Rose,

It looks like you are using our site builder. Removing a page from the navigation does not delete a page. You must delete your pages from the page section found in the 'Manage Website' drop down.

That being said I was able to create a new page in your account with no problems. Is this still an issue?


Re: Can't make new pages

I figured it out last night, finally, after a few hours of messing around xD Once I found that section, and realized those pages were still in there, just not on the menu bar, it all made sense, but thank you for responding! I appreciate how quickly someone got back to me about it. So far I'm very happy with my site, and how its coming along, besides me being lost on the page thing at first, I've had really no issues. Thanks again!

Re: Can't make new pages

No problem Rose! Your site is looking great!