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Can no longer edit font size/color

I have not had to edit my page much at all over the last year. I know there was an update and got emails on how the site was easier to use now.. BUTT>>>>

when using the text editor i can no longer change font/size/color unless the text is highligted that i want to change.
Okay.. annoying but doable.. except....
I can't even highlight the text!
and it keeps randomly skipping me to the bottom of the page I am editing.

Help please!

Re: Can no longer edit font size/color

I am also unable to highlight text in the Visual Editor. I was able to do this a couple of weeks ago. Please fix!

Re: Can no longer edit font size/color

If you are talking about the Bravehost text editor then you should raise a support ticket.

If you are referring to a different product then we need more details.