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Home page problem

After editing home page main body I saved then published as normal but all the text has disappeared and somehow moved into the sidebar portion. I use Wizard and I am experienced so put this down to the upgrade of Bravenet.

The Code and Visual editors are still showing that the text is there but I am baffled as to what has happened.

Help please?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Home page problem

I had this same problem arise last night for the first time. My site has been working fine for the last 2+ years. I only made a couple minor changes and it moved everything to that is displayed on the Visual Editor as being on the main page to one of the sidebars. I also use the Website Wizard.

Re: Home page problem

They have now fixed this problem. Re-save your page and it should post correctly.

Re: Home page problem

Hunky Dory again. Thanks for the heads up Chris.