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Contact form

Up till a few days ago the contact form has been working very well. Now the 'send' button doesn't work and people can't submit their forms. I've tried redoing the code but that hasn't made any difference.

Re: Contact form

Without the form available on line to test it is difficult to comment. Does the cursor change to a hand when you run the mouse over the button or is it unchanged?

If it is unchanged then the computer isn't recognising the button as being clickable.

Did the problem occur on PCs, iPads and phones?

I am afraid that I stopped using the service earlier this year and now run a PHP script on my sites own webserver so I can no longer check the problem on my own website.

Re: Contact form

this is the page for the form

the hand does show, and I've tested it on computer, phone and ipad.

my server doesn't provide a forms service

any help gratefully received.