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Can't control navigation (left nav)???


I have just taken over running this site from Sandy who ran it for about 14 years. I changed a bunch of things and included Artist's Bio's for each of our participants as a new paged for each linked from the primary side content of their regular page. That was very straightforward right up until I found that creating a page automatically puts it in the left nav (don't want it there) and I don't find any place that allows me to control that.

Then I decided I wanted to re-sort the left nav so I could arrange my artists alphabetically and can't do that until I can find where the editor is for the left nav.

I have been hand-coding html since 1995 (my HTML editor is Notepad) and I still use some older school methods but I'm pretty competent with the code. I do use some basic CSS and can write javascript as needed. So I have a pretty good grip on the code. If need be, I could get into the file for the left nav from file manager without using the editor but haven't figured out which file it is yet.

I do have to say that after working with your visual editor a bit, I like it fairly well. I can type things in the window, do some basic formatting and then switch to the HTML screen to fine tune and adjust as needed. Like all WYSIWYG's it generates far too much unnecessary code, but I try to live with that instead of spending hours trying to clean it up. I hate seeing empty tags (value = "") though, so sometimes I am overcome by my OCD and just delete it all and write it by hand.

I did put some tables together for the home page and didn't see any functions or editors to set that up, so just hand-coded it as I've done a thousand times before. So far pretty pleased with the editing capability EXCEPT I can't find where to edit the left nav.

So, I give up....Where is it???


Re: Can't control navigation (left nav)???

Hello - in addition I set up two member login accounts for my member access page and neither one works. Also, where is it in the dashboard that lets you distinguish which member login's are for which domains - and which newlsetter contacts are for which domain. Maybe you can offer a live chat!!!!!!!! Until then can you clearly explain
1.) How to set up and activate the username/password - and have it work
2.) How to distinguish which username/passwords go to each individual domain
3) How to distinguish which contacts are for which domain
4.) How to get my pages to show up in the Primary navigation
5.) How to edit a password protected page - doesn't let me edit unless I remove the header code first -
GREATLY APPRECIATED - I would hope to use the full services for which I religiously pay for here but have not yet been successful with actually building a website over these past few years and have been relegated to pay for another platform
6.) If this proves problematic still - what must I pay, if anything, just to keep my email accounts and current domains listed here since this is basically all I am doing anyway.